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Year 9 Summer Reading Challenge

English Summer Project Year 9

As the World Cup draws to a close, however interested in football you may be, you will not have been able to avoid it in the news! With this in mind, we would like you to become newspaper reporters and create some pages of a newspaper, all reporting on stories related to the World Cup. This newspaper should be aimed at Secondary School students.

It must include at least three of the following:

  1. An article reporting on the successes/failures of any team of your choosing.
  2. An article written from a player’s perspective explaining how you felt throughout the tournament.
  3. An article discussing a controversial moment/talking point from the tournament.
  4. An article persuading people that a team of your choice are better than all the others OR that Brazil is the best country in the world to host the tournament.
  5. A report about the impoverished areas of Brazil and the amount of money spent in Brazil for the World Cup. Could the money have been better spent?
  6. An interview with a Brazilian who lives near one of the main stadia, detailing their experience of the World Cup.

You may include anything else you think of related to the World Cup, as long as it is relevant. Choose to write about the aspects that interest you most. Please illustrate your work. You can use any newspapers you might come across to help you.


Newspapers are laid out in columns.

Newspaper articles are usually concise as they are there to give an account to their readers.

Consider your audience: make sure the language and tone of your work is appropriate. Should it be formal or informal?