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Year 7 Summer Reading Challenge

English Summer Project Year 7


As you may be aware, Vyners celebrates its 55th anniversary this year. To commemorate this milestone, we would like you to become newspaper reporters and create some pages of a newspaper, all reporting on aspects linked to Vyners. This newspaper should be aimed at staff at the school, as well as past and present students.

What it must include:

  1. An article on the history of Vyners.
  2. An article written from a current student’s perspective (you!) telling a past student from 1958 what Vyners is like now.
  3. A picture.

What else you could include (these are just some ideas):

  • Some information about the local area.
  • Interviews (real or fictional) with staff, or ex-students for example.
  • An article on the future of Vyners.
  • A report on the anniversary celebrations (real or fictional).
  • Vyners’ place in the community.

These are all just ideas to give you some inspiration, but what you write about is up to you- just ensure you include the three numbered bullet points, and keep it linked to Vyners.

You can use any newspapers you might come across to help you.


Newspapers are laid out in columns.

Newspaper articles are usually concise as they are there to give an account to their readers.

Consider your audience: make sure the language and tone of your work is appropriate. Should it be formal or informal?