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Student Voice

The Student Voice Committee consists of a cross-section of students (up to six from years 7-11) elected by the student body. The sixth form leadership team, including the Head Boy and Head Girl, also attend meetings.

Hustings and elections for Years 8 – 11 take place in June and the Year 7 elections take place in October.

Students work collaboratively on individual projects and meet on a fortnightly basis to discuss their progress and ideas. Please see the links to the left of the screen for more details on the work we have been doing.

Key areas we are committed to:

Teaching and Learning

  • Providing opportunities for student feedback on all teaching and learning issues through interviews and surveys.
  • Carrying out student observations and looking through books to help improve our learning.
  • Improving the learning environment in the classrooms.


  • Providing the opportunity to propose the ideas of all students.
  • Ensuring pupils are kept informed of updates.
  • Providing a link between students and staff.
  • Keeping pupils aware of local and national issues affecting them.


  • Improving the school’s environmental needs.
  • Improving and maintaining the school’s facilities.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Attend Leadership training
  • Attend Student Voice Meetings every 2 weeks
  • Support the school with either:
    1. Student Focus groups
    2. Staff interviews
    3. Showing visitors around the school
    4. Parents Evenings and Celebration Evenings
  • Communicate the work of Student Voice to our peers
  • Give feedback about our areas of responsibility and evaluate the impact of our work
  • Represent the school at events in the local community

If you would like to get involved or share your views then please speak to a Student Voice Leader (listed below) or to Mr Kunig.  You can also email with any queries, comments or concerns.


Name Form Position
Alice Day 7C  
Ella Brown 7C  
Harry Todd 7F  
Aidan Gallagher 7H  
Robert Ginger 7M  
Anya Colgan 7W  
Sarah Clack 8H  
Jaspreet Minhas 8H  
Heenam Jeganraj 8M  
Jaya Patel 8W  
Madeline Wootton 9C  
Reyes Pollard 9G  
Fraser Brannigan 9G  
Asia Benina 9H  
Katie Ginger 9W  
Keira Harvey 9W  
Rhys Lister 10C  
Joshua Todd 10G  
Hannah White 10G  
Amelie Rule 10M  
Benjamin Surguy 10W  
Amy Ginn 10W  
Sam West 11C Prefect
Helen Caines 11C Prefect
Cormac Sibley 11F Prefect
Andrey Kosov 11F Prefect
Joshua Bottomley 11G Prefect
Szymon Migacz 11G Prefect
Amy Holdcroft 11G Prefect
Tara Goolamali 11G Prefect
Haleh Hassanzadeh 11H Prefect
Jack Grey 11M Prefect
Jack Hurst 11M Prefect
Emma Crawford 11M Prefect
Lucy Murray 11M Prefect
Aaryan Marwaha 11M Prefect
Sumayya Noor 11W Prefect
Dylan Houston 13F Head Boy
Edith Longdon 13C Head Girl
Ryan Pandit 13F Deputy Head Boy
Stanley French 13M Deputy Head Boy
Sophie Gorse 13F Deputy Head Girl
Riya Malhotra 13F Deputy Head Girl