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House System


When Vyners School first opened on 12th January 1960, a House System was established to encourage involvement in a wide range of activities for large numbers of students. There were originally four Houses, each led by a Rector and a team of Tutors. A Tutor was responsible for a group of thirty students from all ages, in order to create an interest by senior students in the younger ones.

The four Houses were named after people or families that were considered symbols of excellence, or in recognition of their contribution to society: FRY, HUXLEY, JOHN MILES and WINDSOR.

A fifth house - CHESHIRE - was added in the 1970s, when the school expanded to five forms of entry; And in 1996, when the school expanded again to grow to six forms of entry, a further house named GELL was introduced.

In 2019, Vyners School underwent a major expansion and redevelopment to incorporate the increasing demand for secondary school places within the borough. This increased the size of the school to encompass an eight form entry. The students voted to select two new Houses to represent the Vyners ethos. The names chosen were JAGGAR, after former Headteacher Trevor Jaggar and PARKS, after social justice activist Rosa Parks.

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