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Friends of Vyners

What is Friends of Vyners (FoV)?

Friends of Vyners is the Vyners School Parent Association. 
Since its creation in the 1960s, Friends of Vyners has raised money for a variety of causes around the school, including: 
- chromebooks for classroom use 
- redevelopment of the school quad 
- roll out of the main Wi-fi network across the school 
- equipment for the Duke of Edinburgh scheme 
- the purchase and maintenance of the school minibuses  

Without the work of Friends of Vyners, none of these causes and projects would have been completed. 

Friends of Vyners are part of a number of events throughout the year, within which they raise money. 

Events include Quiz nights, the 100 club, refreshments at school productions and sports day.  The parent group is a huge asset to the school and something we are incredibly proud of.  

Without Friends of Vyners, we would not have many of the facilities available to the students on a daily basis. 

FoV have plans for the future, including raising money to continue to fund the school minibuses, raising money for a new sports facility and raising money for our very first Vyners School vegetable garden. 

Without your help, the students will not have access to these facilities.

How do I get involved?

You can sign up to be a member of the committee. You would be required to attend 5 meetings per year, three of which are online and two in person. The meetings are held at Vyners School. Or, you can sign up to volunteer at events. You would be required to help at one or more events throughout the year.

Please use this Google Form to register your interest and become part of our mailing list.


Friends of Vyners - 100 club 

The aim of this club is to raise funds for Friends of Vyners who in turn fund projects at Vyners School. At each committee meeting, winners are chosen at random. 

There is an annual prize fund of £600, allocated from subscriptions. 

The prizes to be won are:
12 monthly prizes of £25 
4 quarterly prizes of £50 (March, June, September, December)
1 Annual prize of £100 (December) 

The subscription for this club is £1 per calendar month, payable as £12 annually in advance. 
If you wish to subscribe to the FoV 100 Club, please complete this google form and a member of the committee will be in touch in due course: 
Google form - 100 Club Sign Up
100 Club Rules