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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I buy the school uniform/PE kit from?

Our uniform suppliers are Uniform4Kids in Northwood (Pullens) or Beat School Uniform in Watford.


What colour stripe of tie will my child need?

Ties are unique to each house:

Cheshire (C) - Gold

Fry (F) - Light Blue

Gell (G) - White

Huxley (H) - Purple

Jaggar (J) - Silver

John Miles (M) - Green

Parks (P) - Royal Blue

Windsor (W) - Yellow


Do you recommend purchasing a Vyners PE Hoodie?

Absolutely! Students are only allowed to wear the Vyners PE Hoodie during PE lessons / extracurricular, therefore for the colder months, we highly recommend!


Do you recommend purchasing a locker?

We recommend the use of lockers so that students do not need to carry everything around with them for that day. Students can go to their lockers before school, at break time, lunch time and after school. This is where they can store any valuable items such as their mobile phones as well as their PE kit and any books they have for their lessons which they do not need in between the above times.


What stationery should my child have?

Students should have the following stationery with them in a pencil case:

  • Several Pens (Blue and Black)

  • 1 Green Pen and 1 Red Pen

  • Several Pencils

  • Ruler

  • Scientific Calculator

  • Glue Stick

  • Reading Book

  • Sharpener

  • Rubber / eraser

  • Highlighters (optional)

They must also have a reusable water bottle with them.

Who should I contact in regards to a question about a specific subject?

Any Subject specific queries and questions need to go directly to your child's specific subject teacher which will be on their timetable. You can do this via the school website or via their direct email address. This is their first initial and surname followed by


Who should I contact if the question is NOT subject related? 

Your first port of call will be your child’s form tutor. They will be able to help with anything school related or to do with your child.


Alternatively if it is not subject related or anything your child's form tutor can help with please contact: Year Leader: or Other:


My child did not get their biometric fingerprint taken on the induction day?

This will be done on their first day of school. Students will still be able to use the canteen if they have money on their sQuid account, however the canteen staff will need to search their name instead.


What holiday homework does my child need to complete for September?

The students have been issued a reading book called ‘The Daydreamer’ which they need to read and write a book report on. This should be 2-3 paragraphs and should be handwritten by themselves. They have also been issued with a ‘Be Your Best’ booklet where they need to write their name on page 3 and complete pages 4, 5, 6 and 7. Please do not complete any more of the booklet. They should bring the book, book review and booklet with them on their first day of school.


Will my child be assessed?

GL assessments are initially used as a baseline in English and Maths. They track core literacy and numeracy skills across Years 7 and 8. They provide the school with useful data profiles that help us to inform our lesson planning and delivery, as well as interventions. These will take place in September. Separate assessments are undertaken (according to each department's assessment policy) to track the progress of knowledge and skills in accordance with the school's KS3 flight paths.


GL assessments are used mainly in monitoring the students progress, since they sit further GL assessments at the end of year 7 and the end of year 8. GL then tells us if they are making expected progress from their original score.

We will have their SAT results, so they will already be placed into sets for maths based on these results, but the sets are flexible throughout the years.

The GL assessments consist of KS2 mathematics and literacy which they will have learnt for their SATs.