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Curriculum Intent 2022-23

Please see our Teaching & Learning and Curriculum Policy for further details.

At Vyners, we provide an education which is relevant and stimulating, so that each student is able to fulfil their full potential.  The curriculum is well-balanced and offers a wide range of learning experiences, both inside and outside the classroom.  We have high expectations of our students, providing academic challenge whilst encouraging them to take responsibility for their own learning.  Those who need specific help to thrive are guided and supported to enable them to access the curriculum and develop relevant transferable skills. This entitlement is for everyone, regardless of age, gender, race, religion or disability.

Curriculum Intent:

  • To provide a broad and balanced education for all students.  

  • To enable students to develop knowledge, understand concepts and acquire skills, and be able to choose and apply these in relevant situations  

  • To support students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development  

  • To support students’ physical development and responsibility for their own health, and enable them to be active 

  • To promote a positive attitude towards learning  

  • To ensure equal access to learning, with high expectations for every student and appropriate levels of challenge and support 

  • To provide subject choices that support students’ learning and progression, and enable them to work towards achieving their goals  

  • To raise student aspirations, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to flourish in their future careers.  

  • To encourage student participation in the Vyners Learning Journey  

  • To provide a super curriculum which takes learning beyond the classroom developing independence and a love of learning. 

Vyners School operates a two-week timetable and the school week is divided into 25 one-hour teaching periods. The Key Stage 3 curriculum is studied in Years 7 and 8, Key Stage 4 in Years 9 to 11 and Key Stage 5 in Years 12 and 13. Students are taught in mixed ability classes across the curriculum, with the exception of Mathematics and Key Stage 4 Science, where students will often cover different content based upon their current level of attainment. 

All students participate in comprehensive Enrichment, PSHE and Careers programmes. Subject Curriculum Plans, outlining curriculum intent, implementation and impact for each subject can be found on our website. 


Key Stage 3:

In Years 7 and 8, the curriculum is designed to build on the knowledge, skills and understanding acquired at primary school in a range of subjects. 

Key Stage 4 and GCSE Transition:

In Years 9 to 11, all students continue with the essential core curriculum of English, Mathematics, Science, Physical Education, Religious Education as well as Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education, which is taught across the curriculum and through tutorial sessions.  They also select from a range of options including the humanities, expressive arts, technology and languages.Details of courses available to students at the different key stages can be found in our Teaching & Learning and Curriculum Policy (link above). 

Key Stage 5 Curriculum 

A wide range of A-Level and vocational subjects is available. All students are required to study three Level 3 subjects or equivalent and each subject option is allocated 9 hours per fortnight. There is flexibility for some students to study four courses if they wish. Students will also be timetabled into supervised study sessions and all are given the opportunity to study an EPQ (Extended Project Qualification). This qualification develops independent study skills in preparation for studying at university. Core Maths AS is also offered for students studying A Level subjects with maths content, who are not studying A Level Maths.


We have a thorough and robust system of monitoring and assessment, which provides regular feedback to students and parents on progress, coupled with Parent Information Evenings and online Parent Evenings for each year group. 

Careers and Work Related Learning Education:

Work Related Learning (WRL) at Vyners uses the context of work to develop knowledge, skills and understanding useful for a variety of vocations. This includes learning through the experience of work itself, learning about employment and working practices and learning the skills and qualifications needed to acquire and work within a wide variety of jobs. 

We aim to provide a comprehensive programme of careers education which includes impartial information, advice and guidance and support to students which will allow them to reach well-informed, reasoned decisions about their future education and careers. Through this we seek to impart knowledge, skills and understanding onto students of the available paths and options into the world of work, so they leave us feeling confident in their potential vocational pathways. 

The WRL Programme for each key stage is underpinned by the Gatsby Benchmarks and is published annually via the school website.

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