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Remote Learning

On the rare occasions that the school has to resort to a short period of remote learning, for example, on a snow day, Vyners employs a blended approach.  This approach is designed to incorporate the school’s teaching and learning strategy, EPT (Explaining, Practising and Testing).  All new learning is effectively explained.  The medium for this could be live content (via Google Meet) or through recorded content using platforms such as Loom, which allows students to pause and review instructions.

In times of remote learning, teaching staff have the flexibility to set independent tasks during the Practice phase of the learning sequence. This also allows students to review their learning from the Explanation phase, often utilising excellent online resources such as Seneca Learning that give automatic feedback to learners, but it also allows for students to complete tasks and gain feedback from their teachers after they have been submitted online. Assessment for Learning activities can include quizzing, questioning and short written assessments.  This Test phase allows teachers to identify gaps and see student progress.